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Who we are

We are a team of young professionals specialized in electronic equipment. Our specialization on car equipment is due to our passion for our own BMWs, which allowed us to experiment with diagnozing issues and fixing equipment ourselves. As a company, we are young.

As professionals, we have been on the market for half a decade now. We have been active on forums, we have been recommended to customers from mouth to mouth, but the time has come to take our business to the next level. We deliver professional services. We want you to say "this job was done fast, thoroughly, I am satisfied with these services and would recommend them anytime".

We like fixing things, but we also want to innovate. For the past year we have been developing our own product, a Digital TV Tuner. Our tuner is now ready to ship. For more detail on product development, check out the corresponding section on the right side of this page.

Repairing Services

Car infotainment equipment may break due to normal wear and tear, poor initial design (as is the case with Becker radio module BM54, which almost invariably incurs a power-amp failure) or to misuse (we receive a large number water damaged navigation computers at our repair service).

BMW dealers will not repair a faulty module, requiring you to buy a new one. There is no need to give up your damaged module and buy a new one, as our car infotainment service can repair almost every damage your equipment has incurred.

We repair radio tuners (BM24, BM54, BM53), navigation computers (MK3, MK4), DSP amplifiers, TV tuner, car communication computers, navigation displays, general modules, phone modules and CD changers. There's something we've missed from this list ? Contact us anyway to see if we can help.

How do you know whether you need a repair and which module is broken ? In some cases it's obvious, like when you turn on the radio but you don't have sound anymore and maybe one or more of your speakers cut on and off and then you know it's your radio module who failed you. There are also cases when your system behaves weird but you can't tell where the problem may lie. In this cases, we can help you with a diagnose. Just contact our customer support and you'll get some help.

When you contact us, please describe your problem in detail. Based on your description we can make an estimation of the repair time and replacement parts needed (if any). Knowing your country of residence, we can tell you how much will the shipping costs be. You'll know the total costs before you send us your faulty module for a repair. If you don't like the price, you don't have to send us anything, you don't have to pay.

Use our tracking system to know exactly what's the status of your car equipment. Each time there is a change in status (for example, your TV tuner goes from "received" to "being repaired"), you'll get an email from us. This way you don't have to wonder how much more it will take, what's going on with your product, you can forget about everything, as we take over this task from you completely.

For your safety and ours, pay through PayPal.

If you're happy with our work, talk about us. This is how you can help us help others.

Get a quote now by filling in this form.

Refurbished Products

Not so long ago, electronics were made to last. Parts were sturdy, designs were smart and long product life was clearly thought of. Nowadays, the story is different. Quite sooner rather than later the equipment will fault and one will go to the shop and buy a new one. However, most of the time faulty equipment is far from its end-of-life. It takes patience, knowledge and dedication to revive it, but this is what we specialized in. Sometimes, a refurbished product is better than a new one. One such example is the BM54 audio module which has quite a poor power amplifier and power supply filtering. An extremely common consequence is that the module faults and you're left with no sound in one or more of your speakers. When we refurbish these modules, we enhance these two components, giving it crisper/cleaner sound with better frequency linearity and better signal-to-noise ratio.
In conclusion, the reason to buy a refurbished product is that it's cheaper and could even be sturdier.


We also thought of people who do not like to wait for their sound to return to their car, for example. For you, we have thought of a service which minimizes your car music down-time. We cannot compress the time it takes for the mail to route your package from your place to ours, but we can thincker with the time your item is in our possession and make it 0. That is, you will not have to wait for us to repair your item, because we can send you an already repaired one from our stock.
How does it go ?
  • You contact us (use the form here or give us a call), mentioning your item and describing the problem.
  • You will hear back from us in max 24h. We can give you an estimation of costs and time and the green light for sending yout item to us.
  • You send your own, faulty item.
  • Upon receival, we make an estimation of damage and price. We send you the same item type from our stock of repaired products.
  • In the end, you pay a repair price, but do not have to wait for the repair.

We buy defected

You have a defected unit lying around and don't know what to do with it ? We can buy it from you. Please contact us (use the form here or give us a call), mentioning your item and, if possible, describing its problem (e.g. "water damage").

Own Product Development

We digg reverse engineering and repairing, but we also want to bring our own ideas to the market. We like to supply you with whatever you need but is missing from the market offer. For the past year, our company has been developing such a product.
Digital (DVB-T) TV Tuner for BMW
We are proud to introduce our new item, a custom made, fully OEM compatible, Digital (DVB-T) TV Tuner for BMW (also compatible with some models of Range Rover and Mini Cooper).
TV transmission used to be analog, but presently digital television is slowly replacing it. Why ? Because digital is better for a multitude of reasons. New BMWs come with digital tv-tuners, but when pre-2008 cars were being produced, analog was the only standard. So, what happens to the older cars ? There used to be not much you could do about it. New BMWs use a totally different protocol for inter-modules communication (fiber optic) while pre-2009 cars run on an iBUS network. This means you can't just take a digital module for the new cars and use it on your pre-2008 BMW. It would be like using a Samsung charger for your iPhone. When analog will be completely dropped, older cars would no longer have TV. This is what our DVB-T TV Tuner is designed to prevent.
Did we mention our product is unique on the market ? We probably should, as this is the part which makes us most proud about our tuner. Also, it is designed to replace your old analog module with the least possible effort. It's simply plug and play. Read more about Mura Digital TV Tuner.
Our tv-tuner is now ready to ship. Get a quote for your location.
BM54 Repair Kit
We also offer repair kits for the most common BM54 problem, the power amplifier failure. This solution is for the ones familiar with the electronics, because you will need good soldering skills to fit the kit on your Becker radio tuner BM54. No need to be a professional though, as we provide detailed instructions and color coded wires to prevent confusion.
Do you need a repair kit ? The typical symptoms for this failure are speakers that no longer work, either one, two or all of them. This is not a problem with the speakers, but it's due to lost channels on the radio tuner.
Get a quote for a Becker BM54 amplifier repair kit.