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What our customers say
Markus A.Markus A.Germany
I got my E91 -06 CCC fixed by MCA. Very good service and they also kept me well informed during the repair process. Strongly recommended.
Ivailo G.Ivailo G.Bulgaria
They repaired my faulty CCC module. It's up and running again. Fast and reliable service.
Robert D.Robert D.The Netherlands
Absolutely excellent service. Fixed and returned my BMW CCC device within a few days. Email support was always fast.
Ashley BuckleAshley BuckleU.K.
Excellent service from beginning to end! Unbelievably good customer service. I sent idrive ccc unit on the Monday using next day express service, requested express return and had it back before the weekend.
Tony T.Tony T.France
A very professional service from start to finish. The repair was done the same day and the unit shipped back to me by carrier. It arrived back in 5 days, repaired
Øystein K.Øystein K.Norway
Thank you for the excellent support throughout the whole process from shipping the unit to you, and the daily updates from you in the repair process. I will make sure that all BMW internet in Norway will be informed about ...
Stuart F.Stuart F.U.K.
The idrive was collected and returned within 5 days at a price 50% cheaper than any UK service. From start to finish the service was exceptional. True professionals within this field.
Musa A.Musa A.the Netherlands
A very good service, they are very helpful and think with you to find a solution. The price is very good compared to the other ! I definitely recommend it to do business with them.
Juha S.Juha S.Sweden
Fast and very detailed response every time I have asked something about CCC-repair service. I really can strongly recommend MCA shop for everyone, who needs help for BMW CCC-units! Thanks a lot for a fast and professional service! 😉
Danny C.Danny C.U.S.A.
Amazing company. I'm located in United States. The service was at a cost that sure beats purchasing a new unit for more than triple the price! I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to resolve their ...

CCC iDrive Navigation Computer Repair

BMW CCC iDrive Repair
Repair price 200 €
Repair time: 1-2 business days
European Union
Shipping cost: 25-30 €
Shipping method: DPD courier
Return shipping time: 5 business days
Outside European Union
Shipping cost: 32-60 €
Shipping method: Romanian Post
Return shipping time: 5-15 business days
* If your CCC modules has water infiltration, problems with the optical unit or has suffered the intervention of a non-expert, please let us know through the form below.


* We reply within 1-2 business days
* Please add to your email address book, otherwise our reply might end up in your Spam folder !

Our services

We repair any fault of the CCC units. The CCC are our specialty and we have 100% success rate. When the unit has been sent to another service and a non-proffessional attempted and failed a repair procedure, things get more complicated, but we usually recover the badly damaged units too.

You will have
  • A fully functional CCC and a one year warranty.
Overview of the procedure
Optional step: You can use the form on this page to make contact before sending your unit. We receive a large number of emails, so we compiled all the popular questions and answered them here. We kindly ask you to go through all the sections on this page before sending your question, as the chances are high that the answer is here.

    1. Inbound shipping
      We are based in Bucharest, Romania. Our exact address can be found in the Shipping&Costs section or on our contact page.
      for packaging tips, please see the Shipping&Costs section on this page.
      please add a printed version of our repair order form that you can find here
      if you let us know the tracking number, we will be monitoring the status of your parcel until it arrives.
    2. Repair. Tests. Payment.
      The repair usually takes 1-2 business days. Your unit is throughly tested before being sent back to you. Before sending the unit back, we will send you a PayPal invoice to your email address and wait for the payment to complete.
      We prefer PayPal (because it is safe and quick), but a bank trasnfer is also acceptable
    3. Return shipping
      Once the payment is completed, the unit is sent back to you.
      Please see the Shipping&Costs section on this page. A short summary of that information would be:
      We provide a tracking number for you to monitor the status of your parcel
      Return shipping costs 25-35 Eur to most European Union destinations (approximately 5 work days).
      Expedited return shipping (1-2 work days) is possible only for the United Kingdom at the moment.
      For European destinations outside the European Union or for other continents, we use the Romanian Post. Both priority shipping and EMS shipping are possible for most destinations.
What you should and shouldn't do

We strongly recommend against:

  1. Trying to repair the unit yourself.
  2. Allowing someone who is not specialized on CCC iDrive navigations to attempt a repair. Please see the Symptoms&Fees section for information on how the price is influenced by a failed repair attempte and the F.A.Q. section for the reasons behind the surcharge.

Common Symptoms
These are only the most often encountered faults:
  • Cannot boot:
    The CCC boots up, but only displays the logo, appearing to be stuck | The CCC is in an infinite reset loop. This can either manifest itself as a repetiotion of logo display and then a reset. The cycles can also happen so quikcly that one can have the impression that the display is just flickering.
  • The CCC iDrive is in complete failure (black screen).
    This stage is usually reached after a period when the other faults in this list have been happening.
  • Permanent illumination of the buttons on the CCC and cooling fan is always on.
  • There's no sound or intermittent sound on one or more channels.
  • Intermittent functioning:
    Some days, the CCC works properly. Other times, it just doesn't function at all.
    Most ofthen the intermittent functioning is also related to temperature. The CCC iDrive might work in the morning, when the car was just started or on cold days and fail to work when the car has warmed up or on warm days.
  • Slow functioning or freezing when using a navigation DVD
Please check the Symptoms&Fees section for more information and troubleshooting tips.

This module is encountered on the following BMW models with professional navigation:
  • 1 Series E81, E82, E87, E88
  • 3 Series E90, E91, E92, E93
  • 5 Series E60/E61
  • 6 Series E63/E64
  • X5 E70
  • X6 E71