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What our customers say
Ashley BuckleAshley BuckleU.K.
Excellent service from beginning to end! Unbelievably good customer service. I sent idrive ccc unit on the Monday using next day express service, requested express return and had it back before the weekend.
Danny C.Danny C.U.S.A.
Amazing company. I'm located in United States. The service was at a cost that sure beats purchasing a new unit for more than triple the price! I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to resolve their ...
Phil S.Phil S.U.K.
Excellent Service and comunication. So much cheaper than buying a used unit from the internet. My own unit was returned very quickly and working like new. To say I am very pleased is an understatement. Many thanks.
Markus A.Markus A.Germany
I got my E91 -06 CCC fixed by MCA. Very good service and they also kept me well informed during the repair process. Strongly recommended.
Ivailo G.Ivailo G.Bulgaria
They repaired my faulty CCC module. It's up and running again. Fast and reliable service.
Tiffany X.Tiffany X.South Korea
Just got my unit back and installed it , everything working good so far, a lot cheaper than others.
Robert D.Robert D.The Netherlands
Absolutely excellent service. Fixed and returned my BMW CCC device within a few days. Email support was always fast.
Musa A.Musa A.the Netherlands
A very good service, they are very helpful and think with you to find a solution. The price is very good compared to the other ! I definitely recommend it to do business with them.
Juha S.Juha S.Sweden
Fast and very detailed response every time I have asked something about CCC-repair service. I really can strongly recommend MCA shop for everyone, who needs help for BMW CCC-units! Thanks a lot for a fast and professional service! šŸ˜‰
Ƙystein K.Ƙystein K.Norway
Thank you for the excellent support throughout the whole process from shipping the unit to you, and the daily updates from you in the repair process. I will make sure that all BMW internet in Norway will be informed about ...

MULF Bluetooth Module Repair

MULF Bluetooth Module Repair
Repair price 50-60 €
Repair time: 2 business days
Shipping cost: See Shipping&Costs section
Shipping method: DPD courier
Return shipping time: 5 business days


* We reply within 1-2 business days
* Please add to your email address book, otherwise our reply might end up in your Spam folder !

Service description

The MULF bluetooth unit can fail, with time, for various reasons. The MULF faults can also interfere with the functioning of your CCC iDrive navigation computer.

Faults & Symptoms:

Here is a list of the most common failures of the MULF bluetooth module. If you cannot indetify your problem in the list below, please fill in the contact form on this page with a description of the problem.

  1. Water infiltration.
    If you open up the metal case, you can see oxidation of the mainboard. MULF water damage might be repaired, depending on the extent of the damage. For an exact quote, if would be most helpful if you could send us a clear, focused picture of the unit's mainboard.
    Usual repair price: 50-60 Eur
  2. Bluetooth not available
    Either the Bluetooth menu is not available or the phone is not conencting to the bluetooth module.
    Repair price: 50 Eur.
  3. Prevents proper functioning of the CCC iDrive navigation:
    As discussed on our CCC repair page in the Symptoms&Fees section, a faulty MULF can interfere with the proper functioning of a CCC iDrive navigation. The most common symptoms are: slow navigation through the menu of the CCC unit (a lag between when the command is issued by the user and the moment the command is executed by the CCC unit), interruptions in the navigation voice / radio sound, iDrive controller free spinning or not responsive
    Repair price: 50 Eur.
Description of the repair procedure
    1. Sending your unit over
      Our exact shipping details are mentioned in the Shipping & Costs section
      Please use cushioning and a cardboard box.
      Please enclose a filled in, printed copy of our repair request form.
    2. Repairing & testing (2-3 business days)
      Our customer support will contact you when we receive your MULF bluetooth module.
      Our technical department will examine the unit, establish the exact repair price if necessary and communicate the quote. After your approval is received, the technical department will perform the repair and tests.
    3. Payment & return shipping
      The payment request is sent to your email address after we repair and test your MULF module, before sending it back to you.
      Once the payment is confirmed, a pick up request is placed with the courier and the assigned tracking number is communicated to you.

Please do not try to intervene on the module yourself. Also, do not allow general purpose electronics engineers to try some procedures on your module.
If your unit has water damage or if the unit has been tampered with by another company/individual, please let us know beforehand. Some unsuccessful repair attempts by non-professionals can be extremely harmful.

The MULF bluetooth module is encountered on the following BMW models with professional navigation:
  • 1 Series E81, E82, E87, E88
  • 3 Series E90, E91, E92, E93
  • 5 Series E60/E61
  • 6 Series E63/E64
  • X5 E70
  • X6 E71