Digital (DVB-T) TV tuner for BMW, Range Rover and Mini Cooper

BMW / Range Rover Digital TV Tuner

Aftermarket self-contained in-vehicle DVB-T TV Module, OEM compatible


Upgrade your BMW / Range Rover to digital television with a self-contained Plug&Play solution. Most other digital TV upgrades for BMW are either hybrid conversion kits (something to place inside the case of an existing analogue module) or general TV tuners not customized for BMW (means you\'ll have to cut some wires to make it work and will probably not fully integrate with your existing setup).
This is not the case with Mura Digital TV Tuner, which is self-contained (you don\'t need an existing module) and designed with full OEM integration in mind. This means that upgrade to digital TV is a simple Plug & Play process and that you\'ll have perfect integration with existing infotainment equipment.')

Mura Digital TV module standalone case


No need for an OEM analog TV Tuner to begin with. Mura Digital TV Tuner for BMW is a stand alone solution, in its own metal case.

Mura Digital TV module OEM compatible case and connectors


The metal case has the same dimensions, same connectors and same fittings as an OEM module. Mura Digital TV Tuner turns upgrading your BMW to digital TV into a simple Plug & Play process.

Digital TV Tuner and BMW antenna integration

High Quality Signal

Mura Digital TV Tuner works with existing car OEM TV antennas. This offers better signal quality than most aftermarket digital TV tuners for BMW.

Integrates with existing OEM modules

Existing equipment

Complete integration with existing OEM equipment on your BMW: MKIII and MKIV navigations, radio modules and telephone modules.

Control from bordmonitor. Or Steering Wheel. Or Remote Control.

To operate the digital TV module, you can choose whichever of these three options is more confortable for you.

Bord Monitor Control

Watch this quick video that demonstrates control of Mura Digital TV Tuner for BMW through bord monitor controls.

Steering wheel control

You can also use your BMW's steering wheel controls to command our custom digital TV module. Watch this quick video demonstration.

IR remote control

Remote Control

Also included in the package are an IR sensor, an extension cable for it and a remote control in case you prefer to operate the digital TV tuner like your TV back home.

Multimedia Interface.

Features a USB Interface, which allows you to take your favorite movies and music with you and enjoy them on the road. Play from or record to memory stick

USB - Record & Playback

Mura Digital TV Tuner for BMW allows you to record to USB stick while you're on the road and to play audio and video files from USB. Watch a short video demo of this process.

supplied USB extenstion cable

USB Cable

You probably have your own USB memory stick, but we supply a 1.5 m USB cable, so that you can easily connect your stick to the TV module and start playing from it or recording video channels to watch again later.

Stereo Audio

New feature ! You can now enable Stereo Audio output. Meant for the BMW savvy ! For info on how to unlock this feature, get in touch with us (see Contact page) and let us know what setup you have on your car.

Video in motion

It's nice to have output from your digital TV tuner switched off when you're driving, to prevent temptation. But if you have company, it's also nice if your passengers can keep watching TV. That's why we provide you with a TV in motion feature.

Backup Camera Input

Mura Digital TV Tuner can make reverse parking easier for you. You can have it automatically switch to camera mode when you select reverse gear. You can also choose to turn this feature off.

Standard & High Definition

Can receive both Standard Definition (SD) and High definition (HD) streams transmitted using DVB-T MPEG2 and, most importantly, the newly deployed MPEG4 H264 standard.

Comparison with other TV tuners

control from bordmonitor and steering wheel
plug & play installation
USB connection for stick/HDD to record and play back
aux AV input
support for rear monitor
support for reverse camera
BMW OEM hybrid TV tuner
Mura Digital TV tuner
Car TV tuner (made in China, not customized for BMW)


Mura Digital TV Tuner is compatible with 1999-2008 BMWs (IBUS systems) or 2003-2004 Range Rovers, again, IBUS systems only.
  • BMW 7er E38 with Professional Navigation MK3/MK4
  • BMW 5er E39 with Professional Navigation MK3/MK4
  • BMW 3er E46 with Professional Navigation MK3/MK4
  • BMW X5 E53 with Professional Navigation MK3/MK4
  • BMW X3 E83 with Professional Navigation MK3/MK4
  • BMW Z4 E85 with Professional Navigation MK3/MK4
  • MG ZT / MG ZT-T with Professional Navigation MK3/MK4
If unsure whether your system is compatible, please contact us.

* Not sure DVB-T is the protocol in use in your country ? Check out this DVB-T status map.

Package Content

  • 1 x Digital TV tuner (product name: MCA-DVBT-TV)
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x IR cable (5m) with sensor
  • 1 x USB cable (1.5 m)

Price:  399 Eur

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