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Reparatie iDrive – Unitate BMW CCC – ghid complet

Get help with the CCC iDrive Repair – the full guide

Do you need a CCC iDrive repair? In this article we discuss how to correctly diagnose a faulty CCC iDrive avoiding unnecessary costs and what is the best option to have it repaired. The CCC iDrive is also known as Car Communication Computer and it is prone to a few common failures. The information in this article is meant for: Regular BMW owners who need to diagnose a faulty CCC unit DYI-ers who want to try some tricks to get their [...]

Audi VIN decode

How to find out what modules and options you have on your Audi

Finding out the options and modules your car comes with from factory is traditionally called VIN decoding. That's because the VIN, a 17-characters string which uniquely identifies your car, encodes all this information. In this article we discuss how to get meaningful information from your car's VIN. The information in this articles is meant for: Audi owners who want to send us their faulty electronic module for a repair Audi owners who need to troubleshoot malfunctions in their car and need [...]