BMW FRM Footwell Module – all you need to know

BMW FRM Footwell

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  • Paul Wolters Reply

    Hello Vlad,

    Thank you for your enlightening article. I am at my tethers end with an electrical, I think, glitch in my E93 passenger side mirror. And I am really struggling to find anyone who could shed some light on it.
    I have folding, heated, mirror glass adjustable side mirrors and my passenger side one stopped folding one day.
    Then a few days later I could no longer adjust the mirror itself but it would still dip when I was reversing! Then that started to work intermittent and I sometimes ended up with a downwards dipped mirror frozen in that position.
    I took a chance and bought a secondhand mirror on ebay and installed it myself and it worked!
    Only for a month though because yes, the mirror stopped folding last week and a few days ago it stopped adjusting but it still was dipping in reverse but would not completely go back to its memory position.
    I am trying to trouble shoot: First I am checking whether the original motors on the old mirror have blown due to an electrical short by an electrician. Then I am going to check the wiring loom and connectors for broken wires, faulty connections and or corrosion on the connectors. Do you have any ideas what could be causing this? Could the FRM be at fault and if no mechanical issues have been found might it be a signaling fault in the LIN bus?

    Kind regards,

    September 13, 2019 at 12:27 pm
  • Chris Reply

    Thanks for the piece on the footwell module, I found it very enlightening. I have a 2007 BMW x5 4.8i. About 2 weeks ago I realized my battery power was running low as it took a couple of tries on mornings to get the car to start. A voltage monitor on the front cigarette lighter would show about 10 volts, but once the engine started, the alternator maintained it at about 14 volts. So I knew I needed to get a new battery soon. Unfortunately, a week ago, before I got round to replacing the battery, I drove out on an evening, everything in the car was working. I parked and switched off lights. About an hour later, I attempted starting the engine, my monitor showed a voltage just under 10 volts. On the 3rd try the engine started…then I immediately noticed that there were malfunctions showing up.
    (1) I had a full gas tank, but the indicator on the dash showed ’empty’. There were other error on the dash. ..I figured an instruments cluster malfunction.
    (2) I also noticed that the 2 back glass wouldn’t roll up…lost connection with main control switch. Still didn’t work when I swapped the main power window switch with another identical vehicle.
    (3) the climate control blower worked, I could adjust the blower speed but there was NO cooling. I had used the AC only an hour earlier and it was cooling normally.
    (4) The car no longer locks; the confirmation lights blink as usual to locking and unlocking, but the doors do not actually lock. The alarm sound is very low, hardly audible.
    (5) The tailgate no longer opens, even when the button on the dashboard is pressed.

    I have replaced the battery, but the issues remain.

    The piece I read about the footwell module makes me wonder if it was damaged due to the battery issue. However, I’m trying to understand whether that module also affects the COOLING of the airconditioner, and how.
    Could the CAS module have gone bad too, or is it all a problem with the footwell module.
    Most grateful for guidance on this.

    December 7, 2019 at 7:21 pm

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