iDrive CCC Head Unit

Reparatie iDrive – Unitate BMW CCC – ghid complet

Get help with the CCC iDrive Repair – the full guide

Do you need a CCC iDrive repair? In this article we discuss how to correctly diagnose a faulty CCC iDrive avoiding unnecessary costs and what is the best option to have it repaired. The CCC iDrive is also known as Car Communication Computer and it is prone to a few common failures. The information in this article is meant for: Regular BMW owners who need to diagnose a faulty CCC unit DYI-ers who want to try some tricks to get their [...]

BMW iDrive Service History

BMW iDrive Service History – how it works & how to modify it

It used to be the case that after each maintenance job done by the BMW dealer to your car, you would get a written proof of the work performed. Nowadays the navigation computer maintains the iDrive service history and you no longer need a separate log book. Newer BMW models (those produced from 2014 onward) no longer use paper to store information after each visit to the BMW dealer. Where to find the iDrive Service History information ? To access the [...]

BMW CCC repair - correct CCC diagnosis

BMW CCC repair : the correct diagnosis

Your CCC unit appears to be malfunctioning and you're thinking of having it repaired or even replaced ? Before you proceed, we recommend to verify your CCC diagnosis to make sure it's really a CCC failure. With the right guiding, it can be a quick and painless process. And it can avoid unnecessary costs. Here's how to correctly diagnose a CCC failure. First, read through our compiled list of symptoms that are normally caused by a faulty CCC head unit: CCC [...]

BMW CCC Repair

BMW CCC repair : read this first and save money

If you're dealing with a faulty iDrive CCC head unit, you probably don't know what to do about it. Don't worry, it's very common. Correctly diagnosing a faulty CCC may be tricky by itself. But deciding whether to buy another CCC or have it repaired and by whom can be a daunting task. This article is meant to help you make a choice. In this article we make the case that it's cheaper to have your CCC repaired, provided you [...]