Frequently Asked Questions

It is perfectly safe to drive your car in the meantime.

The capacitors sold online as a repair kit for the CCC iDrive failure are, sadly, only a money scam. We have never encountered a CCC iDrive fault that was due to a faulty capacitor.

No, unfortunately the CCC iDrive unit cannot play videos.

Yes, we can. Please mind that there is an extra fee for this procedure, as mentioned on our CCC iDrve repair page.

We have a 100% success rate for the CCC iDrive repair inetrventions. Provided your unit was not too badly damaged by an unscuccessful repair attempt by a non-professional or by water infiltration, we can still recover it.

Although we did not prepare a How To on this topic yet, you can still find video instructions on YouTube. We recommend doing a search on Youtube for your car model (e.g. e60 ccc how to remove).

Here is a short video "How To" that we have made to illustrate the procedure. It only takes a few seconds.

To do so, you also need both:

  • an aftermarket device which can be found under the name of USB adapter for *car_model* on ebay
  • a MULF2 HIGH bluetooth module

Alternatively, you can upgrade to the CIC iDrive navigation model, in which case other devices are no longer necessary.

Please read carefully through the section "Symptoms that may be caused by other faulty modules" on our CCC iDrive repair page here.

If the prior repair attempt was unsuccessful, this is an indication of a non-professional doing a job (s)he is not qualified for. We know it is counter-intuitive to imagine an electronics engineer damaging a board while trying to repair it, but we have seen this many times now. It is more difficult to undo the damage done by a non-professional, as they seem to intervene anywhere on the CCC units. We can still repair these CCC iDrive though.

I depends. When the memory of the unit is also damaged, we will need to rewrite the software and we will, of course, use the latest software version. In this case, the update is considered part of the repair procedure.

When the software update is not mandatory for fully restoring the initial functionality of the CCC iDrive, we only perform the update upon request. However, since the update procedure keeps a workbench busy for a few hours, there is an extra charge for the on-request software update. Please see the fares section on our CCC iDrive repair page.

Almost always, yes. There are rare occasions when a later coding, which needs a physical connection to the car might be necessary. The coding is an easy procedure, only takes 10-15 minutes and most shops can perform this. In these rare cases, the CCC is functional even without this later coding, the only things missing might be a few lesser known / rarely used functions.