• MOST Loop Bypass Connector - Male
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    MOST Loop Bypass Connector – female

    Bypass female connector for use on the MOST (fibre optics) bus on BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Volkswagen and Porsche.   The MOST bypass connector is used for bypassing a faulty module or simply for diagnosing purposes. With the MOST bypass connector you can remove a faulty module from your car and close back the fibre optics loop so that the remaining modules keep functioning fully.   The MOST fibre optics has a ring topology: if one module is removed, the ring is discontinued and communication is hindered for the remaining modules (head unit, sound amplifier, bluetooth module, to name a few).   If you want to read more about when and why this connector is used, check out the section "Symptoms that may be caused by other faulty modules" on our CCC iDrive repair page or CIC iDrive repair page.