Reparatii navigatii CCC pentru BMW

Reparatii navigatii CCC pentru BMW

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Reparatii CCC iDrive
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 31 reviews
by Richard Arkell on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Five star service
From: France

Excellent five star service, very nice people to deal with and real experts on BMW CCC and similar electronics, highly recommended.

by Chris Bowen on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Absolutely brilliant service
From: UK

I left my ccc drive from my e60 535d to these guys as it was rebooting and showing bmw logo.. Like anyone I was worried about sending it away and never seeing it again..

Absolutely brilliant service.. Mihaela Keeps you updated about your device and when he has recieved it and when they diagnose what's wrong with it.. I'm from Northern Ireland my ccc was back within 2 weeks and working like new..

by Sam Halstead on Reparatii CCC iDrive
I am very happy with everything!!!
From: United Kingdom

My nav computer in my 2003 330ci would only work with the eject button pressed, - the screen in the car would constantly keep cycling back to the blue screen - as others have said before, I was a bit nervous about sending the unit away particularly out of the country, but other reviews gave me the confidence to send it. Throughout the entire time the unit was away, Mihaela kept me up to date with the progress of the repair, and it was only away for a matter of a week or so! And the repair was very reasonably priced!

Needless to say the unit is now back in the car and functioning as intended, - and I have the confidence of a 12 month warranty!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the services of Mura Car Accessories -

by Cribebu on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Thanks guys!!!
From: United Kingdom

E61 ccc module completely gone. Sent it to MCA and within 4 working days I received it back, fully working and one year warranty! Thanks guys!!!

by Kelly Madrigal on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Thank you guys
From: United States

Hi, I'm located in Lowell MA (USA). I have a BMW 530I and my ccc unit was damaged. I made some researches on the web and find MCA. I noticed that my ccc unit had the same symptoms described by them and that their price and warranty were to much better than here in USA. I contacted those guys and and followed their intructions. I sent them my ccc unit and they kept me updated during the entire process. Today after 6 months, my radio is working like brand new. These guys are very honest and responsible to do business with. I recommend "MCA" 100%.

by Patrick Dyson on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Highly recommended
From: United States

Great service highly recommended. I was skeptical about the over seas thing but I'm glad I did . I just followed all their instructions and I can't be happier the unit is updated and works great

by Roger Hornett on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Thank you !
From: UK

I have installed all units and everything is functioning ok,

I'd like to thank you for the assistance and also thank your engineer's for doing the repairs on my BMW CCC unit and Mulf TCU.

by Renata Sic on Reparatii CCC iDrive
If I can, I will give ten stars!!!
From: Croatia

In Croatia nobody repair CCC for BMW. I sent it to Romania,and in few days it's repaired and returned back!!! Thanks MCA! And special thanks to Mihaela, she is great, 24 hours she was available for any questions!

by Mounir Hani on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Prix imbattable
From: France

Prix imbattable pour mon ccc très content du prix et du service personne très professionnels je recommande fortement en 2 semaines réparation et envoi tous compris pour 250€ ces imbattable merci à vous

by Ivan Fortunato on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Fantastic job
From: United States

I was a bit skeptical at first sending iin my unit overseas., but I'm glad i did .they did a fantastic job and Mihaela was great

by Brian Carriou on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Excellent !
From: France

I had no surprise regarding costs and the delays for repair were really good. My CCC worked as before I recommend this seller truly professional.

by Ole Lund on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Great price and great delivery time.
From: Denmark

Very responsive on E.mail. Kind and very helpful, and my CCC worked like a charm when i got it back. CCC was even faster on startup now.

I would recommend this company to anyone at any times

Couldn't be happier!

by Raul Dickhouse on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Great service
From: UK

Great service, nice people. Thanks alot.

by Andy on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Very Good
From: United Kingdom

Very good repair, fast customer support. They fixed the restart loop and no sound issue on my ccc bmw e61.

by Ruxi Sacalis on Reparatii CCC iDrive
From: Romania

Perfect service! Great staff too!

by Razvan Goga on Reparatii CCC iDrive
I couldn't be happier with this service !
From: Germany

I was quoted a lot more here in Germany for replacing my broken CCC. I sent my CCC to MCA in Romania and they fixed it for a fraction of the cost. It works perfectly !

by Adrian Millea on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Great work !
From: United Kingdom

I've sent my CCC to them from the UK because here I found nobody that could fix it. Got it back as good as new, great work ! I recommend this company to anyone, no matter where you are ! With the optional expedited repair and expedited return shipping, I got my unit back the next day !

by Daniel Craciun on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Excellent service
From: Romania

Excellent service and great customer support

by Cristian Cristea on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Determinare si punctualitate!
From: Romania

Profesionalism, seriozitate, determinare si punctualitate! Asa as caracteriza echipa Mura. Specialist desavarsiti, doresc sa le multumesc frumos pentru promptitudinea si calitatea de exceptie a serviciilor prestate! Recomand cu incredere!

by Robert Dougan on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Excellent service
From: France

Absolutely excellent service. Fixed and returned my BMW CCC device within a few days. Email support was always fast.

by Joakim Leandersson on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Great service!
From: Sweeden

Great service! Fixed my CCC unit for my BMW E61.

Nice and fast email contact, always answer within a day. Email updates about my units status etc.

Very good price, compared to buying a brand new unit and letting a BMW workshop install it for you!

Easy payment via Paypal also.They where also able to do simple upgrades on the CCC unit, in my case to upgrade my unit to be able to connect AUX Audio. Sending a package from Sweden to Romania took about 4-5 days, but totally worth the wait!

by Stephen Pratt on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Outstanding service
From: Ireland

What can I say. Outstanding service, I can highly recommend MCA enough to all of my fellow BMW drivers.

I had issues with my Becker Professional BM54 Amp as I only had one speaker working in my BMW E46 Vert and this is a known issue with this particular amp. The quality of work done on the amp is excellent. I was initially going to send the amp to the UK to get refurbished until I came across MCA by pure chance and thankfully I did.MCA are cheaper and so much faster, sent my amp to Romania from Ireland, amp refurbished then sent back to Ireland all within 10 days...amazing!Guys, thank you so much and I wish you the very best of success.

by Jack Alastor on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Outstanding !
From: France

"The CCC of my 2005 E91 simply displayed...nothing. And it's fan was running continuously, even with the key removed.

It costed me 130 Euros to get a diagnosis from my BMW dealer: your CCC is dead.

They issued an estimate of 1000 Euros for a Standard Exchange+ Reprog.

After extensive research, and contatcs with UK and German Repair Stations, offering quite long delays and not so precise estimates (be prepared for surprises when we receive your module), between 300 and 400 Euros, I came to MCA.

Outstanding ! Within twelve days, the CCC was fixed, for the lowest cost I have seen.

Email support has been quick and friendly, and PayPal payment flawless.

Thanks to MCA for their professionalism and expertise."

by Plamen Kabakchiev on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Fast and quality service !
From: Bulgaria

Fast and quality service !

by Markus Aktner on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Strongly recommended
From: Finland

I got my E91 -06 CCC fixed by MCA. Very good service and they also kept me well informed during the repair process. Strongly recommended.

by Romain Centazzo on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Very good job!
From: Italy

I have a Digital tuner connected in my BMW M5 E39 since one year now...
I ve completed my installation with a rear camera pluged at the Digital Tuner,
The product is perfect and all the connection are very clean
The installation respect the original spirit of BMW manufacturer
I'm very happy. Very good job!
Thank you

by Juha Snare on Reparatii CCC iDrive
A fast and professional service
From: Finland

Fast and very detailed response for every time, I have asked something about

CCC-repair service.

I really can strongly recommend MCA shop for everyone, who needs help for

BMW CCC-units!

Thanks a lot for a fast and professional service! 😉

by Danny C on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Amazing company
From: USA

Amazing company. I'm located in United States. Mura Car Accessories fixed my BMW E60 CCC unit. I was getting the dreaded BMW logo reboot on my iDrive after every start. My unit would not start successfully. I sent my unit over to Mura Car Accessories via USPS Priority Mail Express International and they repaired it within a few days and sent it back. Full turn around time from Romania back to me in United States was about 26 days (this is with express mail service) due to transit times but everything was well worth the wait. The service was at a great cost and it sure beats purchasing a new unit for more than triple the price! I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to resolve their BMW CCC unit from any sort of failures. Don't hesitate to use them! They are 100% legit and very fast with communication. A++ service!

by Anagno Fessas on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Fast and reliable service
From: Greece

They repaired my faulty CCC drive from my e60 535d 2006, it was showing bmw logo. It's up and running again. Fast and reliable service. Amazing company. Fast and very detailed response for every time.The total cost was less than 250 euros! Highly recommended!

by Alexandra Pourtois-Masoin on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Perfect service
From: France

Perfect service. Very fast shipment back to our place with a device full repaired.

Everything is working perfectly.So much cheaper than expected/told by BMW.

Thank you ! Hignly recommended.

by Ruben Bax on Reparatii CCC iDrive
Highly recommended!
From: the Netherlands

These guys were fast in fixing both my CCC and MULF. And they did some coding on another module that I wasn't able to do myself. Highly recommended!